Saturday, April 27, 2013

TF4 in Texas and Scenes Revealed

Time for some pretty big news. Dallas News is reporting that Transformers 4 will be filming in Texas, which is somewhat to be expected since a while back, Jack Reynor's character was described as a race car driver from Texas. Mark Wahlberg's character will reside in a farmhouse Pflugerville, Texas. Various shooting locations in Texas will include Lockhart, Taylor, Elgin and Pflugerville. Taylor and Lockhart will combine to become a fictional town and Lockhart's Caldwell County Courthouse will also be a location used for filming. That stuff isn't the big news though. Thanks to Deby Lannen, the Main Street program manager of Taylor, Texas, we have our first details of a scene included in Transformers 4. She said that a police chase will close downtown Taylor and a railway overpass. Could this possibly mean an appearance from the Autobot Prowl? She also went on to say that a car will be exploded in Robinson Park, but that is definitely considered a common occurrence in a Transformers movie. One more potential scene that is described very vaguely is that Decepticons will chase down the good guys, which could mean either humans, Autobots, or even both, throughout Central Texas. Filming in Texas will last about three to four weeks.

From Dallas News:
"No plot has been released for the film, but Mark Wahlberg will star along with Jack Reynor and Nicola Peltz. The home of Wahlberg’s good-guy character will be a farmhouse in Pflugerville. Bay has previously said the film will take a different direction with many new actors.

The Austin Film Commission confirmed three to four weeks of filming in the small towns of Lockhart, Taylor, Elgin and Pflugerville.

A large Austin production office opened in March, but location scouting dates to November. There was initial interest in the Circuit of the Americas racetrack southeast of Austin, but instead the Austin Film Commission says the focus is on small towns that remind Bay of Robert Frank’s 1950s photos collected in the classic book The Americans.

In Taylor, 30 minutes from Austin, a police chase will close downtown and a railroad overpass, said Deby Lannen, the city’s Main Street program manager. A car will be exploded in the city’s Robinson Park. “It’s pretty exciting,” she said.

Lockhart’s Caldwell County Courthouse square will be another filming location, with Taylor and Lockhart combined into one fictional town on screen. Robots will chase down the good guys throughout Central Texas including in Elgin."

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