Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wahlberg Back for TF5 & TF6

Marky Mark is back for Transformers 5 and Transformers 6 according to the actor in an interview for his new movie, The Gambler. Wahlberg went on to say that while he cannot speak for director Michael Bay, he believes they will be back on set sometime soon. So could it be that Michael Bay is back once more? Sound off in the comments below!

"Yeah, I committed to doing a couple more... you know I can’t speak for Mr. Bay, but something tells me we’ll be on the set soon."

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Transformers Without Transformers

Transformers 5 news has been almost nonexistent as of late so posting here has been far and few between as well. I have something pretty entertaining though for you guys if you haven't seen it already and that is a Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer... except with no Transformers. The trailer takes the Transformers story right out of the equation and what's left is what MoviePilot calls an "ABC Family movie." Some have suggested that I make a similar one that removes the humans and includes only the Transformers, so if you'd like to see that as well, make sure to give this video a like and share it with your friends! Also as a side note, I'd like to point out that the song used is called "First Light" by Racing Glaciers and it also appeared in Transformers: Age of Extinction when we were first introduced to Tessa.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Michael Bay NOT Directing TF5?

According to IGN, Michael Bay is stepping down from the Transformers director's chair. Instead, Bay will be directing a drama based off of the novel "Thirteen Hours: A Firsthand Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi" by Mitchell Zuckoff. The film will be a Paramount Pictures production. Stay tuned for more Transformers 5 news as it happens.

UPDATE: This news has turned out to be actually not confirmed and Bay has still made no statement on his continuation with the franchise.

 Apologies for the lack of posting since Transformers 4 came out.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Transformers 4 - Own it Today!

Transformers: Age of Extinction is now available for purchase at all major US retailers in the 3D Blu-Ray, regular Blu-Ray and DVD formats. Which exclusive will you be getting? If you aren't sure, let's go through your options. There's quite a few! Check them out after the jump.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

All For You by Imagine Dragons in HD Quality

Here is a music video for All For You by Imagine Dragons, including clips from Transformers: Age of Extinction.
The Digital Copy is now available on iTunes and other streaming sites in the US. The Bluray version will be released on September 30th.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

TF4 Box Office Report

Transformers Age of Extinction is slowly wrapping up it's fairly short theater run thanks to the push for early home release sales. As of August 26th, Transformers 4 has taken in roughly $243,890,199 domestically and $821,300,000 in international sales as of August 24th. This gives the film a current worldwide total of $1,065,190,199 and the number 12 spot on the all-time box office list, just behind Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Age of Extinction will have to surpass The Dark Knight Rises' $1.084 billion total in order to crack the top 10. Compared to Dark of the Moon, the fourth film has taken in slightly less. The third film obtained a $1.071 billion gross by August 14th, which is more than what TF4 has made to this point. By August 28th in 2011, Dark of the Moon had already made slightly over $1.1 billion.

TF4 Home Release September 30th & VFX Video

You can own Transformers: Age of Extinction on 3D Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Copy on September 30th in the US or you can get it as early as September 16th if you only get the digital copy. The Blu-Rays will include over 3 hours of special features but so far it seems like there will be no deleted scenes or director commentary. The 3D version will also take advantage of the IMAX format. Multiple stores are having their own special editions of the film which include a Grimlock and Optimus statue (Amazon), 3 non-transformable figures with a magnet (Walmart), transforming case (Target), free poster (FYE), steelbook (Best Buy) and Bumblebee head case (Walmart). Also below check out a preview of one of the special behind the scenes looks that will be on the Blu-Ray.

Monday, August 4, 2014

TF4 Passes $1 Billion, Bay to Return?

Transformers Age of Extinction has crossed the $1 billion dollar mark. It did so on August 2nd when the foreign box office numbers for the film came in from July 27th, so even though it was official slightly later than Dark of the Moon (July 31st), the mark was crossed at roughly the exact same time. Also it is notable that there were many countries where TF4 was released later due to the World Cup. As of August 3rd, Transformers 4 has totaled $241,206,987 in the US and has just now fallen outside the top 10 (11th) in daily earnings. The movie should come very close to Captain America The Winter Soldier and The Lego Movie domestically but only time will tell if it is able to surpass them. Overall, Age of Extinction now sits at $1,005,006,987 worldwide as of August 3rd, which puts it 18th all time. It passed The Dark Knight for that 18th spot yesterday. Transformers 4 has yet to be released in three more countries, including Japan.

Michael Bay is now rumored to return for Transformers 5 after signing a three year extension with Paramount Pictures. This does not necessarily guarantee a return to the director's chair for more Transformers films though. The deal was specifically in regards to Bay's production companies Platinum Dune and Bay Films. The deal could hint towards Bay directing the fifth Transformers film or it could also be for a producer role or even for another Paramount distributed movie.