Monday, August 1, 2011

Possible TF4 Villian

TF3 spoilers below, so do not continue if you haven't seen TF3.
(This post is complete speculation and not a rumor or fact.)
Transformers 4, 5 and 6 will happen and TF4 will not be a reboot.  This was confirmed by producer Don Murphy.  The only questions are: Will Bay, Shia and the rest of the cast come back?  Will half of the cast come back?  Will the trilogy be continued with brand new characters?  Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave and Shockwave are all dead and I can't see Unicron in live action.  There has to be a main villian in TF4, so who could it be?  I have come to a conclusion of who it should be (and don't laugh at me): Igor.  Igor should be the main villian in TF4.  His master has been killed and he wants his revenge on Optimus.  He finds some great power (something like the All Spark or Matrix) and grows to the size of the normal transformers (kind of like Frenzy in TF1).  On the last page of the TF3 comic, Igor is shown with a sad look on his face and says, "Master?"  At the bottom it says 'The end?' and not 'The end."  Yes, I know, TF comics have not been very accurate to the movies, but what if Bay told the writer to put that in there?  So, that's my opinion.  I would also include Thundercracker and Skywarp to go along with Igor.  Who do you think it should be?



  2. if they make tf4 a sequel to tf3, I hope they use Galvatron, and Optimus Prime finally gets his ass kicked by Megatron. I thought in ROTF, Megatron only won from an unfair fight. This time, Megatron shouldn't kill Optimus, but atleast kick Optimus's ass in an actual fair fight! Lol! And I think Igor should like take the parts of Starscream and everything becomes worse than TF3. And like Sam (still played by Shia) is about to ask Carly (still played by Rosie) for marriage, and then all this stuff happens. I'll make a TF4 Plot soon! Lol I'm just getting all these ideas now! But if TF4 is a sequel to TF3, I hope its not a reboot. I want it to be a prequel really. I mean I think a sequel is cool, but I think it's time for a break from the first trilogy plot. I think the prequel should be a prequel to TF1 set on Cybertron. I'm gonna make a script for TF4 sequel, but I still hope for a prequel most of all! Lol! :)

  3. I think the new villain would be Liege Maximo or atleast call him a name of a PRIME or a UNICRON because hes is pure evil, according to his profile ..Optimus and the autobots do a tribute for Ironhide and the soldiers who died part of the Dark of the Moon battle on earth and alot of remaining decepticons are on earth seeking a new leader since Megatron finally destroyed by Optimus.
    So some of the remaining decepticons on earth try to find and send a message that there mission to bring cybertron back to life wasnt complete.

    I think at the end of Dark of the Moon, they should of shown Liege Maximo sitting at his throne on cybertron waking up with his nasty Green eyes. But anyways if some of the decepticons come and try to find him they awake him Somehow.. idk how. Beg and plead how megatron and sentinel failed to bring back cybertron back to life and restore peace to end the civil war AND Optimus is the only remaining strong leader on there new "Home" earth. As the autobots hunt down the decepticons, they realise that there energon levels are low and starting to faint, otherwise they could die. So they rebuild the zanthia (autosbots ship) and collect the remaining pillars, retechologize it to transport them to cybertron to collect the remaining energon left and transport them on earth. So as they collect and find little bit of energon, Liege Maximo awakes and finds them.. not knowing of the autobots persue of energon.. and as they transport back .. Liege transforms into a astro fighting jet and fights the autobots in their zanthia, crash lands on earth with pieces of energon to remain alive. Liege takes 1 of the energon pieces and brings a army load of decepticons and trys to hunt down and bring the autobots, human alliance to a end so they can do what they wanted to since the begining.. obsorbing, taking energon from earth to rebuild cybertron as Liege wanted to rename it as a Decepticon planet making him superior and stronger than Fallen and Megatron.

  4. I think it should be Galvatron because you can't possibly have it be Unicron when its only the 4th movie.Unicron just appeard in Transformers prime.

  5. its a good option for the main villian,but it doesent sound me to be tthe amin villian,you what iGor could do,he stoled the matrix if leadership,and he graps all megatron`s parts (when i mean parts i mean the head and the body) and he building it with other decepticons (SkyQuacke,Thundercracker,deadend,and others. And they finally build megatrons bdy and igor use the matrix,and.......¡¡¡¡¡¡BAM!!!!!.
    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡MEGATROOON!!!!!!!!!!! IS BACK!!!!!!


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