Friday, July 15, 2011

Transformers Trilogy Music Video

Here is a fan made music video that takes scenes from all three Transformers movies. The song is a remix of "Machine Gun" by Noisia (Which appears in a couple of TF3 TV spots) and was edited by Keith Carunida.


  1. this is more like a tf1 and tf2 music video. whoever made this video is obsessed with megan fox. she's everywhere and rosie is in one shot and you can't even see her. Rosie is the official transformers girl, so sorry to break your heart everyone!
    i don't mean any offense to you MV becuase i can see you didn't make this video. cool blog!

  2. lol. i like rosie better too and i wish there wouldve been more scenes from tf3 in this


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