Friday, July 4, 2014

TF4 Passes $400 Million

In less than a week Transformers: Age of Extinction has surpassed $400 million worldwide and currently sits at $422,345,000. This number currently includes the $138,345,000 that AOE has taken in domestically after becoming the first movie of 2014 to surpass $100 million in its first weekend, but it does not yet include most of the foreign box office numbers since June 29th. As of July 2nd, the movie actually made more money in China ($134,484,000) than the US and is on its way to become the highest grossing movie in Chinese history after already having the biggest opening weekend in Chinese history. Currently Avatar holds the top spot for the highest grossing film in China. The film is also projected to get a large boost this weekend due to Independence Day in the US, as well as hitting theaters in some more countries, including the UK.

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