Friday, July 11, 2014

TF4 Box Office Update

Transformers Age of Extinction has now raked in over $600 million worldwide before the film has even been released in all countries. The exact number is $624,281,100, but also take into consideration that box office numbers come in quite late so the film should be approaching $700 million. Age of Extinction's 13 day domestic total (as of July 9th) currently sits at $189,081,100 which is actually far less than any of the other Transformers films at this point. It is expected to make roughly $240-265 million once its theatrical run is over in a year where the summer blockbusters have struggled at home. For comparison, Transformers Dark of the Moon made $266,944,138 thirteen days into its domestic theatrical run. The worldwide box office has picked up the slack though. AOE has broken the record to become the highest grossing film in China ever, surpassing James Cameron's Avatar. Transformers has killed the Chinese box office and has already taken in a whopping $231,300,000 as of Wednesday. Foreign totals account for $435,200,000 (69.7%) of the total gross (most not reporting since July 6th). Despite, the drop in the US, Transformers Age of Extinction is expected to hit the one billion dollar mark and could possibly pass Dark of the Moon's $1.1 billion thanks to the international markets.

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  1. ...and possibly pass Iron-man 3 and Frozen for good . To pass only itself there is no point :) are you agree ? so Iron-Man 3 was terrible compared to Transformers and Frozen was for girls only ;) So there you have it !!!!


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