Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DOTM Weekend Totals

Transformers: Dark of the Moon took in $47 million in the US over the weekend which is 52% less than its first weekend at the box office.  Although, it is less of a drop than what ROTF had in its second weekend (61%).  Since Harry Potter will be released Friday, this is probably the last time TF3 will be first at the box office, but I expect that DOTM will end up making more in the end.  As of July 10th (according to Box Office Mojo), TF3 is sitting at an estimated $656,767,753.  60.2% percent of this is from international ticket sales.
Also, I have decided to not make a written review like I said I would, but I will be making a video review with a friend of mine later today.  I figured it would be easier to make a video review because I wanted to go into detail, which would've taken a long time to write.  I should have that up on YouTube tonight or tomorrow morning.

Oh, and I went to Walmart today and picked up a Deluxe Class Crankcase (and of course the fingers were chopped off....) and I thought it was funny that they were all out of Ironhide figures.

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