Sunday, February 12, 2012

DOTM Toys Cancelled

Deluxe Que, Soundwave and Leadfoot and Human Alliance Soundwave will not be hitting the shelves. Hasbro has cancelled their distribution. The toys were sold in Japan, but I'm not sure if they are still being sold there or not. I was looking on eBay and it looks like the deluxes are being sold for $75 to $100. That's pretty expensive. Also, this probably means that a Dino toy will never see the light of day. So, definitely not good news, but maybe these toys will appear scattered throughout stores like Ross and Marshalls.

Source: TFW2005/ Seibertron


  1. agreed go 2 hell man seriously...why cancel something awesome!?

  2. wait does this mean that no more dotm transformers at all? Not even wave 1 or 2! I still have some to get!

  3. Typically and biologically lazy jerk-wank-windmill-farts!
    Like Soul Calibur 5...that was cheap and lazy too, but admittedly enjoyable and if I wasn't such a big fan I would say ME3 is going to be the same.

  4. @anon feb 20- What's at stores now is pretty much all that's left. I dont believe any more are being made.


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