Monday, June 10, 2013

Transformers 4 "Remember Chicago" Billboard

A prop billboard has been spotted in Granger, Texas that reads "Remember Chicago, Report Alien Activity 855-363-8392." This is of course referring to the devastation of the Decepticon attack in Chicago during Dark of the Moon and it is asking people to call the number if they have any information on the Transformers. Could this mean Autobots too? Could they be in hiding? The number on the billboard has been tested and it doesn't seem to be a valid number. I'd expect this to turn into a marketing plan though when the movie gets closer. It'd be pretty cool if you could call and someone picks up the phone. Thanks to @jfall for the photo!
UPDATE: Multiple people are telling me that the number actually is valid and just asks you to leave a message.
UPDATE MARCH 2014: The phone number is up and running! When you dial the number you will receive a message telling you that Transformers are dangerous and to go to


  1. It is a valid number, it just gets the 'your party cannot be reached at this time' which means whatever it will be, is just not turned on yet. It will be marketing for sure.

  2. How about giving a photo credit to me for finding that sign and taking a picture of it? It isn't on a main road... -jeff fall :: @jfall

    1. Sure thing! It was posted on a forum with no link attached so I didn't know where it came from. :)

  3. I went by the sign today. It was hard to find, but it is between Taylor and Granger. The rumor is that they will film a car chase involving a train at the sign location on the evening of June 12th. There is a rail crossing at that location.

  4. Call the number now. It's very active and has a recorded message.


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