Sunday, July 10, 2011

35 Things You Should Have Learned While Watching DOTM

Thanks to the TFW2005 forum members for these.  I picked my favorites.  See the rest here.

1. Never trust a pink Bumblebee.

2. Don't invite a pink Bumblebee for tea parties.

3. Megatron talks to animals.

4. Jerry Wang likes exotic milk.

5. Sam still screams like a little girl.

6. It's just the rabbits foot that is lucky, not the whole bunny

7. Sideswipe watches western movies.

8. The Dreads once competed in the Cybertronian Olympics.

9. Charlotte Mearing does not look like a ma'am.

10. Squeaky clean cars can drive around a destroyed looking Chicago, with so much as a small speck of rubble on them.

11. Leadfoot needs Jenny Craig...

12. The Decepticons get all the good s***.

13. Never trust a guy who gives you a free Mercedes.

14. If you're a bird never land on Laserbeak's tree.

15. Megatron does not like Abraham Lincoln.

16. Soundwave doesn't take prisoners, only trophies.

17. Soundwave takes orders from a human.

18. Ironhide was right.  It rusted. (remember Mojo in TF1)

19. If your daddy's home, don't tell Laserbeak.

20. Don't wake Sentinel Prime when he's sleeping.

21. Dutch has abandoned his old ways.

22. Using a translating dictionary is like the buttons you never press on a calculator.

23. Megatron needs a pep talk.

24. When Decepticons execute defeated enemies, it's really evil. When Optimus does it, people applaud.

25. Hardcore Eddie didn't sign up for this.

26. We all get $10K because the Twins were in DOTM.

27. Que/Wheeljack sucks at negotiating.

28. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

29. All the King's Horses and all the King's Men can't put Jerry back together again.

30. Do NOT bring a red coffee mug on the yellow floor.

31. Astronauts can fly space shuttles but cannot drive cars.

32. Looking out the windows won't bring Jerry back.

33. "Dasvidaniya" means goodbye.

34. Autobots typically "chill" around NEST in vehicle mode for some reason.

35. Sam and Jerry are not boyfriends. (I made this one up :D)

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