Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day in the Life of a DOTM Extra

Here is an article written by an extra from Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  He was involved in the scenes where Sam and Epps are driving in the car in Chicago.  It is a really good article and it was very interesting to read.  You can definitely say that being an extra in a Michael Bay film is not an easy job.  Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you.  While you are watching Transformers on Tuesday night, keep an ear out for, "Oh my gosh! Noooooooo!!"

Also: Check out for photos from the premiere!


  1. Hey MV! On ET tonight there is a special of the DOTM world premiere!

  2. I just found out about it like 10 minutes before it started lol. that was close! at the end they said there is gonna be a DOTM special on MTV2 at 7:30 on June 30th


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