Friday, May 27, 2011

New TV Spots and Video Game Artwork (Updated)

2 new TV spots will be airing worldwide on June 1 according to Nelson of Michael Bay's S4TE forum.  They are both called "Birdmen" with one being 15 seconds and the other is 30 seconds.  Also, the official Facebook page for DOTM The Game has released some artwork as a reward for reaching 100,000 fans.  Take a look below.
Update:  Nelson has posted a correction-
I need to issue a correction.
In the US there will be a :60 TV "Birdmen:" ad/featurette that will run once on June 1 on Spike TV.
Then on June 2 we will have an extended "Birdmen" featurette on this site.


  1. Nice countdown widget on the sidebar! just got rising storm and it's so much better than nefarious. also, I knew michael would make a tv spot about the famous squirrel jump! he has it in every trailer and every tv spot so far! i think its one of his favorite scenes! i cant wait to see it!

  2. it was hard, but I was finally able to find a good countdown calender. it's a lot better that typing in the new day every morning! lol


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