Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wahlberg Talks TF4 Routine and Dinobots

Metro News Canada had an interview with Transformers 4 star Mark Wahlberg and he was pretty tight lipped, but he did mention his character will play a single dad. Below you can see what he had to say about his daily routine while on set.

"I don’t go out at night anymore, so that makes it a lot easier. I go home, I’ll eat dinner, I’ll read the script and prepare for the next day’s work, and go to bed right away. I’ll wake up with a little bit of time to say my prayers, read my prayer book, maybe do a little workout, and then get back at it. And then steal a cat nap whenever I can during the work day — but (‘Transformers’ director) Michael (Bay), once he starts working, he doesn’t like to stop."

In another interview with MTV, Wahlberg was asked about the Dinobots. Many are thinking his answers hinted towards their appearance, but I don't really see anything we can speculate about.

"None of your business. You don't want me to get replaced halfway through production for divulging secrets".

"It feels like a completely different movie, very fresh. Obviously, it's a really interesting dynamic, being a young, single dad having a teenage daughter, trying to succeed as an inventor, having very little means and also trying to provide for my family. Then all hell breaks loose."

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