Tuesday, June 11, 2013

TF4: Lamborghini an Autobot and No Megan Fox?

Michael Bay's official Twitter account has tweeted: "Why is everyone assuming the #aventador is a #decepticon ? #transformers #transformers4 #tf4" This really doesn't mean much on it's own, but it was then followed by a retweet by Top Gear that reads: "A Lambo Aventador has joined a Bugatti Veyron in the cast of Transformers 4. Autobots clearly have a need for speed"

This seems to be pointing towards the fact that the Lamborghini is an Autobot and not a Decepticon like what we all previously thought.

Also, after numerous posts on Twitter saying "no" to the Megan Fox rumor, including one that linked to an article from April, S4TE admin Nelson responded to me on the forums with: "He already said "No". But then people respond with "but that was in April!" He could said No again today and tomorrow they'll be saying "well, that was yesterday". BTW, I know he's to busy to address what I call a non-issue." So, it would seem the rumors aren't true, but you would've assumed if they weren't true to begin with, why did Nelson drag this out so long? Instead of saying "Someone's in trouble", he could've just said, "Oh, that isn't true. It's just a simple mistake." I'm not sure that I'm going to let this rumor rest yet in my mind, but there is a large chance this is the truth.

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  1. megan fox should come back and also ironhide bring him back bay


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