Saturday, June 8, 2013

Close Up of Rusty TF4 Truck

A photo has been found on Twitter of the rusty truck and the black Lamborghini on the entrance of a highway. The Lamborghini is rumored to be a Decepticon and the truck was previously rumored to be a Dinobot, but by the looks of this photo, it seems like it might be a Decepticon as well. Something to notice if you look closely are flames on the lower part of the truck's door. Who do you think this could be? Motormaster perhaps? Comment below!


  1. Ultra Magnus maybe?

  2. Huffer, i believe it is Huffer, its not nearly flashy enough to be Nemesis Prime, if they were going to go that route, it would be an old rusted version of his prior alt truck, and if it was Ultra Magnus, it wouldn't be Rusty at all, think Sentinel Prime from TF3, but its almost a dead lock for G1 Huffer


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