Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wahlberg Wants Bay Back for More Transformers

Mark Wahlberg is excited about starring in 2014's Transformers 4 and he's so excited that he doesn't want it to end after that. According to Michael Bay, Wahlberg is harassing him to do more Transformers movies after TF4. The article on MTV.com also goes on to talk about how Wahlberg agreed to come aboard without even knowing what movie Bay wanted to work on with him.
"One day he was just like, 'Hey, do you want to do another movie?' and I said yes. He goes, 'You wanna know what it is?' [I replied] 'Well if you want to tell me, but I want to do it. [Michael Bay asked] 'Do you want to know what the part is or what the story is?' I go 'Whatever you want to tell me, tell me, but I'm in.' "

Wahlberg also discussed how he told his kids, who like the Transformers movies, that he was going to be in TF4.

"I went home and I told my kids, 'Dudes, I'm going to be in "Transformers"!' They're like 'Yeah, shut up daddy. You're lying. You don't make movies that we want to see!' "

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