Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Audio and Video Technology in TF4

Michael Bay spoke with Collider at CinemaCon about the up and coming technology related to the movie making business. Earlier today, I reported that Transformers 4 will be partly filmed with IMAX cameras. In this interview, Bay revealed that the IMAX cameras will be used for showcase scenes. These will be new IMAX cameras that have been recently developed to be much smaller and have higher resolution, as well as having the capability to film in 3D. Bay also talked about the new Dolby Atmos surround sound, which not only allows you to here audio to the side, but also on the ceiling. It seems like he will be using it in Transformers 4. When asked about filming TF4 in 48fps like The Hobbit, Bay said that he will stick to what he has previously used. NOTE: TF4 logo is not official and was created by Jeffrey Marshall.

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  1. That's Michael Bay for ya...overachiever when it comes to the cinematic experience! That's great for the Transformers films lol!


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