Friday, January 18, 2013

Wahlberg: TF4 Filming in May

In a recent interview with Examiner, Mark Wahlberg stated that Transformers 4 will start principal photography at the end of May.

Examiner: Will you have to put more weight on for “Transformers 4”?
Wahlberg: Well I took a month off – I just started working out, I’m in my 4th week now – hopefully we’ll do “Avon Man” before “Transformers,” which is this comedy we have at Fox that we’ve been developing; it’s kind of like my first romantic comedy.

Examiner: Can you tell us anything about “Transformers 4” or “Ted 2”?
Wahlberg: I could tell you that we’re doing “Transformers” starting at the end of May, and then “Ted” in September. You know I can’t give you too many story points or Michael will not be happy. But I can tell you that I’m very excited, obviously I had a great working relationship with Michael on “Pain & Gain”.

This isn't official though and it seems like lately Wahlberg has been giving us as much misinformation as Michael Bay has in the past, so take this as a grain of salt for now.

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