Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fall of Cybertron Double XP Forever

The Fall of Cybertron Facebook page has reported that there will now be double XP forever. So now, kills will be worth 400 instead of 200 and conquest captures are now 800 rather than 400. It's great news for those of you that have abandoned multiplayer due to the bore of ranking up or for those who are deciding to go Prime. Unfortunately, this pretty much means that High Moon Studios is completely abandoning support for the game as they embark on their next project: Deadpool.


  1. dude we gotta make wfc team come on stop playing nascar start playing wfc again ~yitzyf

  2. lol sorry man. It's kinda funny 'cause whenever I play FOC or WFC you're not on and when I'm playing another game you're on haha


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