Friday, January 11, 2013

Prime Season 3 Airdate Revealed (Update)

The first episode of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters will air on the Hub this February 15th. The episode is titled "Lost & Found" and probably has to deal with the Autobots finding each other again after spreading out in retreat at the end of season 2.

Update: There has been a mistake with the listing on Zap2It and it is only a rerun of Animated. Still no release date confirmed. Sorry!

Source: Zap2It


  1. Finaly a release date! I hope Optimus is ok. Transformers just isn't the same without him.

  2. I heard its gona start on July 1 2013. I don't want to have to wait almost 5 more months for season 3!! :(

  3. i have seen on english tv that the new TFP season 3 episode will air on March 5? thats one week away, i do hope it airs then, i dont want to be waiting another few months.


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