Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Transformers News 3D Blu-Ray Review

Hello everyone! I'm going to give you a short, little review of the DOTM 3D Blu-Ray. I'll start off with the 3D experience. The 3D was absolutely great. It felt like I was back in the movie theater again, especially when the birdmen scene was happening. The bonus features were really interesting. There was a lot of behind the scenes stuff, along with concept art, posters, promotional stuff and the two trailers. I wasn't able to watch all of them yet, because there's just so much to watch. For those of you wondering about any deleted scenes, there were some, but don't get excited. There was probably about three short scenes involving Sam and Carly in their home. If I remember correctly, only one of these scenes has actual audio. The others have people talking over them. There was no mention of the Twins in the bonus features and there were a couple of minutes spent on the Megan Fox situation. So, overall, I was very impressed with the 3D and bonus features and this is something a Transformers fan would want to pick up. But again, there was really no extra footage, so if you only wanted to get this for that reason, don't get it and get the bare bones one instead.

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