Sunday, October 21, 2012

TF4 Filming in London?

According to, Transformers 4 will be filming in London and other locations overseas. This would definitely be an easy way for Sam Witwicky and Carly Spencer to be out of the picture if most of the movie is filmed outside of the United States. The website also is a bit more specific regarding the two leads (the high school senior girl and her race car driver boyfriend). The actress' age can range from 18-24 and the same requirement is needed for the male actor. Both can be any ethnicity and actors have until November 7th to apply for the parts.

Production: TRANSFORMERS 4 (Feature Film)
Employer: BDiscovered (non-Equity artist contracts)
Location: London
Duration: 3 months, starts approx April/May 2013

Director: Michael Bay. Looking for Talent to send to Casting Director - This is a Paramount Pictures production filmed in various locations overseas.

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