Sunday, September 23, 2012

TF4 Filming Begins in December Along With TF5

Glenn Morshower, who has starred in the first three Transformers movies, will be in Transformers 4 AND Transformers 5. Morshower said that he was approached by producer Steven Spielberg after the opening of Transformers The Ride about his involvement in the next two movies. He also stated that Transformers 4 filming will begin this December along with Transformers 5, which probably means that the rumors from a few months ago were true and TF4 and TF5 will be shot back to back. This technique has been done with other movies like the last two Harry Potter movies and two of The Matrix movies. This could also be a hint for director Michael Bay returning for a fifth Transformers movie, especially after his latest interview in which he said that Transformers 4 will probably be his last. Before that interview, he always said that Transformers 4 will be his last.

"After I did the opening ceremonies for the ride, Steven Spielberg walked up to me and chatted and said 'You know we've got you set to do the fourth one and probably the fifth one on the heels of that," said on how he was approached about the new sequels. "So, I guess in December we are on our way to making 4 and 5."

Source: Examiner


  1. I would like to be on Cybertron tf4

  2. Yeah I agree with you. Bay's not done. He's back for 4 and 5.

  3. Hey MV. When I said that you and your friend, Marlee look younger than your age, I wasn't making fun of you. I'm sorry if thats what you thought. I meant it in a good way. I look a lot younger than my age, and in my school there are people who look like adults, so to me its a good thing to look younger than your age. I'm really sorry if you thought I was making fun og you guys, just in case you thought that.

  4. lol its cool man. i didnt take it that way


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