Monday, January 30, 2012

3D Blu-Ray Release and Bonus Feature Previews

Tomorrow is the day! The DOTM Limited Edition 4-Disc 3D Blu-Ray and the 7-Disc Trilogy Set will be released. Both will have the bonus features included for Dark of the Moon. The Trilogy Set seems to be priced around $90 to $100 depending on where you buy it and the 3D Blu-Ray seems to be going from $20 to $40. Remember that if you bought the plain, bare bones edition of TF3, make sure to use your $10 off coupon if you buy the 3D version. I will be heading out tomorrow to buy my copy and I'll be posting photos of how the case looks on the Transformers News Facebook Page. I went to Target this afternoon to see if they were being set up early, but unfortunately they were not. I guess I'll just have to wait until tomorrow. Below, you will see links to some bonus feature sneak peeks thanks to the TF3 Twitter page.

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