Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lots of Important News

Ok, I have a bunch of news regarding the home release of DOTM and other things.  Let's get started!

First of all, here is a video review from Richard Roeper on TF3.  Please disregard everything he says about the movie and his childish behavior (ironically comments can no longer be left on the video) and listen closely when he says that there will be three minutes of extra footage on the Blu-Ray and DVD.  We will know for sure tomorrow, but the anticipation is killing me!  Click 'read more' for more amazing news!

If you need a good laugh after watching that review, watch the video below.

While I am still on the subject of extra footage, I've heard a rumor explaining that Bruce says "F****** awesome" when he sees Bumblebee instead of "Freaking awesome."  I hope this turns out to be false.

Also, I have some videos that will help you get through the remaining hours before you have DOTM in your hands.  Here is another commercial for the TF3 release.  Make sure you select "HD" for the best picture.  Here is a clip from TF3 that is the opening sequence on Cybertron.  Make sure you select "HQ" for the best picture on that one.

I also want to help everyone get the best deal when they buy DOTM tomorrow.  Best Buy is your best option (no pun intended).  You get the exclusive slip case plus it is a couple of dollars cheaper (U.S.).  If you get the regular, non-exclusive, you will still get a slip cover, which looks the same as the actual cover.

In toy news, a Mirage/Dino toy is now in the works along with a new Que/Wheeljack toy that features a head that looks more like his head in the prequel comics.  I'm sure that G1 fans will love that one.

Well, that's it!  I hope everyone enjoys their copy of Transformers: Dark of the Moon tomorrow!


  1. awesome! and yeah i hope when bruce curses ita false. but it might be true, because in on of the tv spots tyrese says "why do the decepticons always get the good stuff" but in the movie says "why do the decepticons always get the good sh*t!" so they mightve changed like how they changed bruce's line. but i hope its fake. and thanks for the advice, now im gonna go to best buy! and i saw another tv spot during the x factor! XD
    -Thanks, Prime!

  2. btw did you see the comment i left on his review, i was pissed

  3. lol. and ahh man. i keep forgeting about the x factor! im puttin it on now


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