Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DOTM The Game

This post contains information about the prequel game to Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  If you are sensitive to spoilers about characters, alt modes or the prequel story line, do not read.

I am now on level 4 of 7 on DOTM The Game (PS3) and I have found some very interesting things.  First of all, in level 4, Soundwave is an SUV and not the silver Mercedes.  Optimus and the Autobots found out about Soundwave being attatched to the satellite and Megatron ordered Soundwave to come down to earth.  Mirage (who does turn invisible) is playable in level 3 and does have an Italian accent.  Wheeljack has only been mentioned to this point and not shown.  So far I think the game is a huge step up from the other two.  The gameplay is amazing and I would highly recommend getting it.  I will update this post if I see more interesting information.

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