Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Today I went to see Pirates 4 and I was very disappointed.  No, it wasn't because of the movie.  It was very good with great 3D.  It was because the new Transformers: Dark of the Moon trailer was not shown in it's glorious 3D.  What was shown was the announcement trailer.  Although the 3D looked great in the trailer (especially the part where you go inside Sentinel's eye and the title appears), I was really hoping to see what the movie was going to look like in the third dimension.  Although I did not see the trailer, I was able to see the Optimus Prime theatre display in person.  That thing is huge!  Also, in the parking lot on the way out I saw this awesome Bumblebee Camaro with the Autobot logos and the word "Bumblebee" written on the top of the windshield!  So, no trailer for me and hopefully it'll be attached to another movie sometime soon.

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