Friday, May 6, 2011

Blue Mercedes is Wheeljack?

[Possible Spoilers]
Transformers Live Action Movie Blog has noticed on an unofficial Transformers Facebook page a possible hint that the blue Mercedes is indeed Wheeljack.  The picture on the left shows a shadow of Wheeljack in the Rising Storm comic and on the right is a screenshot of possibly Wheeljack in the theatrical trailer.  A similarity between the two I've noticed is the left shoulder (from your view).  In the Rising Storm comics Wheeljack is badly injured and Ratchet says he can fix him but he won't be the same, so how he looks will not be the same from the comic to the movie.
UPDATE: My mistake- The comic picture is from the DOTM comic adaptation, not Rising Storm.


  1. Hey MV, I was just going over some thoughts on why Sentinel would betray the Autobots, and I thought maybe he wanted to take his leadership from Optimus, or he gets mad at the Autobots for leaving him behind on the Ark so long, or either he blames Samuel and the Autobots for the loss of the Allspark. Idk if any of this could be true, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on it,
    -Thanks, Prime

  2. [Spoilers!]
    I read somewhere that Sentinel teams up with Megatron to try and rebuild Cybertron by using earth somehow. I think he hasn't really turned to the dark side but his mind is a little cloudy.

    (This is MV. I'm having trouble with blogspot lately. It keeps signing me out.)


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