Monday, July 21, 2014

Age of Extinction Passes TF2

Yesterday, Transformers: Age of Extinction surpassed Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and has become the second highest grossing Transformers film, only behind Dark of the Moon. The film is closing in on $900 million worldwide and is currently sitting at $889,602,608. Once again, as noted before, many of the foreign totals do not come in daily and only a select few have been reported as of yesterday. Domestically as of July 20th, Age of Extinction has raked in $227,002,608 which is definitely a drop from the past three films. It is expected to be the lowest earner of the four Transformers movies and only has about a $2 million advantage over Captain America: The Winter Soldier on a path to possibly becoming the highest domestic earner of 2014. At this point in 2011, Dark of the Moon had totaled $317,369,164, while Age of Extinction is expected to come nowhere close to the $300 million mark. It should finish right around the same spot as Captain America, which finished with $258,591,352 by the end of its 63 day run in theaters. The Chinese have picked up for the domestic slack though as they continues to add more and more to their highest grossing movie record. Their current total is roughly $285,700,000 and it could possibly reach $300 million before its run is over. Overall, TF4 is doing better worldwide that Dark of the Moon, which took in $813,374,967 this far into its theatrical run, a difference of about $76 million. The third Transformers film reached the $1 billion mark on July 31st, 2011. Also remember that Age of Extinction has yet to open in multiple countries, including Japan.

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