Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Titus Welliver Talks TF4

Minor Spoilers:
Randy Jennings of The Arnold Fans was able to get an exclusive interview with Transformers 4 star Titus Welliver. Welliver gave a bit more detail on Savoy, the villainous character he portrays, and even talked about his children's extensive knowledge of Transformers. To see the full interview, click the above link.

TheArnoldFans: What can you tell me about your role in the upcoming Transformers?

Welliver: I basically play the shark, like the shark of JAWS. I play this (Navy) Seal who has been tasked with eradicating the world of Transformers. Since the battle in Chicago in the previous film, they've now become outlawed so I'm in charge of a group of guys who are doing that.

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