Thursday, February 6, 2014

TF4 Halloween Costumes

Movie Halloween costumes are returning for the fourth installment of Transformers. Check out the list below!

  • Optimus Prime Bustier
  • Bumblebee Light-Up Motion Activated
  • Optimus Prime Glasses
  • Bumblebee Glasses
  • Optimus Prime Toddler Muscle
  • Bumblebee Toddler Muscle
  • Optimus Prime Classic
  • Bumblebee Classic
  • Optimus Prime Classic Muscle
  • Bumblebee Classic Muscle
  • Optimus Prime Deluxe
  • Bumblebee Deluxe
  • Optimus Prime Prestige
  • Bumblebee Prestige
  • Optimus Prime Bodysuit Costume
  • Bumblebee Bodysuit Costume
  • Optimus Prime Deluxe Adult
  • Bumblebee Deluxe Adult
  • Optimus Prime Movie Adult Female
  • Optimus Prime Child Gloves
  • Bumblebee Child Gloves
  • Optimus Prime Adult Gloves
  • Bumblebee Adult Gloves
  • Transformers 4 Essential Treat Bag
  • Optimus Sword
  • Bumblebee Cannon
  • Optimus Shield
  • Bumblebee Shield
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