Friday, June 14, 2013

TF4 Hi-Res Photos From the Set

Thanks to Jason Bo, we have some awesome high resolution photos of the Transformers 4 set in Taylor, Texas. I've mirrored some below but click here to view the 100 or so he has on his flickr account.
 Nicola Peltz
 Some type of military guy
 Reynor, Wahlberg, Peltz and Miller in the Sonic RS
 Jack Reynor
 Yes, this is a Michael Bay film
This cop has seen better days


  1. After looking at the pictures, I think NEST and the Autobots have gone rogue. Remember that at the end of DOTM, the United Nations never said they agreed with the Autobots being on Earth. They wanted the to leave but the never even got in the ship. Maybe NEST was shut down so the remaining soldiers and Autobots went rogue and are hiding in a facility somewhere in the "Grand Canyon" type of mountains kind of like in TF:Prime

  2. Why do people say that the new chevy race car is skids?The script says that Jack's role is a race car driving boyfriend of Nicola Peltz...And Skids died in DOTM...


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