Friday, January 24, 2014

Toy Fair 2014: Designs, Toys and More!

Possible Spoilers!
Tons of news coming out of the 2014 UK Toy Fair! Our first small piece of news comes from an inside source that talked to regarding the name of the Freightliner. It appears that the identity is that of the Autobot Ultra Magnus. Next, we have a leaked image of the design for Lockdown. Not sure if this is a poster or just a piece of promotional artwork, but the design is awesome nonetheless. Some type of smashable head toys have revealed the face design for Crosshairs (the green Corvette) and it appears that he is wearing some type of goggles. Next we have the design for Drift thanks to a Connect 4 board game. Drift wields two swords and matches the leaked costume design from not long ago. After that is our first look at the classic Camaro Bumblebee. The design is quite similar to the previously trilogy other than the fairly intact front end of the Camaro on his chest. Finally, Amazon has put up a pre-order listing for First Edition Optimus Prime at $59.99 US. The figure has chrome point and a pretty neat cover over the box. The toy will be shipped on February 4th if ordered in time. Also don't forget that next Sunday during the Super Bowl, we will be able to witness a TV spot for Transformers Age of Extinction! Can't wait!



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  1. Transformers camaro costs anywhere from 5 to 25 bucks on ebay. Although I must admit I couldn't find there that model with black stripes on the roof.
    I see a great future and tons of $$ for transformers production line.


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