Wednesday, August 28, 2013

TF4 Dinobot Figures, On-Set Photos and More

First off in this post is some more concrete evidence of the Dinobots appearing in TF4. A planning sheet from Toys 'R Us has been leaked which reads "Transformers 4 - June 2014 Dinobots theme + 2 more movies planned." So yes, we will be getting Dinobot figures. This also shows that it would seem like the Dinobots would have a large role in Transformers 4 and that two more movies are confirmed to come after TF4. To view the sheet, click here.

The next piece of news is the selection of four Chinese actors from the Transformers 4 reality show. The winners are Byron Li, Austin Lin, Candice Zhao and Teresa Daley. The extent of their roles is unknown, but the characters are described as a Kung Fu fighter, a sexy goddess, a computer geek, and a cute Lolita. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura said, "I want everybody to have fun. We are always looking for different ways to learn about other cultures. This is a great way to see people's passion and excitement. It allows for everybody to have fun together."

Next on the rumor mill is a future ILM special on the Dinobots. According to an inside source the special would include the creation of the Dinobots from top to bottom, much like what was done for the Driller and Devastator. During the featurette, the crew will be wearing TF4 hats that look like the current logo but with claw marks through the number four. There is no known date for it's release.

Finally, we have some more photos and videos from the Transformers 4 set in Chicago. Notable photos are of the human villain (Harold Attinger) played by Kelsey Grammer as well Stanley Tucci (Joshua) and his assistants played by Victoria Summer, Melanie Specht and Abigail Klein. A notable video is the first one where it seems like Bumblebee is scanning a different alt mode.
Photos by John Leon-Guerrero and the Chicago Tribune.

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