Monday, August 5, 2013

Blurry Image of TF4 Autobot

We have our first look at a CGI Transformer thanks to Twitter user YukYuk, unfortunately the photo was taken from so far away you can't really make out who it is or even what it really looks like. It looks to be possibly the same size as Bumblebee with either a mainly black and dark red/yellow looking color scheme. Obvious possibilities are Bumblebee or the Pagani. Also, the reason I put "Autobot" in the title is simply because it doesn't look like a Decepticon. I of course could be wrong. Another interesting story coming from the filming in Michigan is that Transformers Live Action Movie Blog has gotten a tip that the Lamborghini is Sideswipe. This is not confirmed and should only be considered a rumor for now. Below, you can see some more photos from the set along with some videos from various sources. One video involves Stanley Tucci speaking with a Transformer.


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