Monday, July 8, 2013

Rumor: Gregg Berger Voicing TF4 Grimlock?

Last week at Florida Supercon in Miami, Gregg Berger, the G1 and Fall of Cybertron voice of Grimlock, had a Q&A session with the fans in attendance. Not surprisingly, someone asked him if he was asked to voice Grimlock in Transformers 4 if he would. After a couple of humerous comments on how Grimlock would've shortened the previous movies by the use of his tail as a weapon, he said something quite interesting:

"I will bring justice to the character, you'll see."

That definitely sounds like he's voicing Grimlock. Take this as only a rumor for now though considering there is no footage of this (it was just conveyed by word of mouth). Thanks to Citricon for the info.


  1. will he be grimlocks voice

    1. well im pretty sure they did get the original optimus prime voice acter for all four of these tf movies


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