Saturday, June 22, 2013

TF4 Will Not Destroy Chinese Landmarks

A short time ago, I reported that Transformers 4 will involve the destruction of some famous Chinese landmarks, including a hotel, the National Stadium and the National Aquatics Center. Now it seems like it's only a rumor. CRI English is reporting that the destruction of these structures is not set in stone and Michael Bay is the only one that will make the decisions. It was not part of the agreement with Jiaflix Enterprises that these buildings were required to be destroyed.

"Pangu Plaza is an extraordinary and iconic building that will make a memorable visual in the movie, especially set against the beautiful National Stadium, National Aquatic Center and Olympic Green that invited the world to Beijing in 2008," Ganis continued. "How this unique building is presented will be entirely up to Michael and his exceptional team. There is nothing in the (Pangu Plaza) agreement that relates to any other facilities or the Transformers 4 storyline."

To read the full article from CRI English, click here.

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