Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bay Discusses TF4 Filming and GM Cars

Director Michael Bay spoke to Detroit Free Pass regarding filming plans in Michigan and he also mentioned that GM cars will return for the Transformers' alt modes. Filming in the Detroit area is expected to last about a month and a half.
“I’ll be there in a month and a half,” says the director of his plans to shoot a big chunk of the fourth “Transformers” movie in metro Detroit.

“We’re going to be shooting at stages, we’re going to be shooting around the city, we’re going to be shooting at GM a bit,” says Bay, who knows the city well and credits it with having a lot of good locations.

Bay says he plans to put some other GM cars in the new “Transformers.” The movies have proved to be a plum marketing spot that has led to continuing efforts by automakers to win him over.

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