Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beast Hunters Begins on...

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters premieres on March 22nd! This will be the third and final season of Transformers Prime as a new series will be on television beginning in 2014, along with the release of Transformers 4. The premiere will take place at 7:30pm EST after a four hour marathon. Descriptions of episodes one and two are after the jump, but beware of spoilers!

Source: The Hub


“Darkmouth, NV” – While Optimus struggles to survive after Megatron’s destruction of the Autobot base,

the separated members of Team Prime try to reconnect.

Rating: TV-Y7, FV

“Scattered” – The Autobots search for signs of each other, but start to lose hope while the Decepticons

welcome a key player to their ranks. A win for Wheeljack may ultimately lead to an Autobot defeat.

Rating: TV-Y7, FV

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