Friday, November 9, 2012

Tyrese Gibson Continues TF4 Battle

Tyrese Gibson is determined to star in Transformers 4. It's actually getting to the point where I won't be surprised if he offers to be in it for free. On October 24th, Gibson tweeted:

 It's unreal to be physically walking inside of answered prayers..!!  #Transformers
He also attached a photo of him and Michael Bay during Transformers 3 filming. It is really hard to get a meaning out of this tweet, like most of Gibson's TF4 tweets. It could mean many, many different things.

On October 29th, Gibson sent out another Transformers tweet:

 Transformers Fans ::.. I won't let up.... Till it happens...
Attached to this tweet was a link to an article saying that he was in talks with Michael Bay about starring in Transformers 4 and other stuff that has already been reported on. If Gibson continues this campaign, I'm going to have to guess that Bay will find something for him to do in TF4.

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