Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Unknown Transformers in DOTM

Recently on the Michael Bay forums, there was a post about Silverbolt.  Many people are hoping he will be in DOTM and it is still possible, even though Nelson has stated that he was not in the script.  There is still a possibility he could be in the movie, but maybe just not a huge part of the plot.  Nelson's exact words were, "According to the script: no".  Notice how he did not rule out Silverbolt in TF3.  Later on he went on to inform us of some very pleasant and exciting news: "There are other Transformers you are not aware of in the film."  So, it looks like unlike ROTF and TF1, there will be some new characters revealed to us when we are sitting in the movie theater on June 29th!  Most of us still don't know who the Superfund bank truck is unless you read the novel, and it doesn't look like we will be finding out who that is until June 29th as well.  So that is definitely some exciting news to hear leading into the premiere of Transformers: Dark of the Moon!

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