Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rumor: LaBeouf in Transformers 4?

Cele*itchy is reporting on a story coming from the print version of Star magazine that Shia LaBeouf wants to return for Transformers 4. He also wants a raise of $3 million which would mean he would make $18 million for TF4. The problem for LaBeouf is that apparently executive producer Steven Spielberg has rejected the offer and told him to get lost if he doesn't like it. LaBeouf is known for making many negative comments about the people he works with, so it is not surprising that  Spielberg has had enough of him. However, the Huffington Post has reported that the rumor is false and no conversation took place between LaBeouf and anyone associated with Transformers 4, according to one of LaBeouf's representatives.

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