Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Robot Cast in TF4

At the UBS Best of Americas 2012 Conference, Brian Golder of Hasbro had some interesting news about Transformers 4. He explained that toy sales from DOTM were not as great as they wanted to be and because of this, Transformers 4 will have a brand new cast of robot characters and it will be a story revolving around those new characters. Mr. Golder went on to say that sometimes brands need re-imagining. Below is a TF4 title poster that Hasbro used at the event. What do you think about the brand new Autobot and Decepticon cast? Comment below with your thoughts!


  1. The reason why toy sales weren't as great as Brian Golder may have hoped them to be is because the toys were not nearly as fascinating as the ROTF toy line. I was very disappointed with the DOTM toy line. There was so much of Bumblebee, zero leader class figures of Megatron, Optimus, or Shockwave, and not all of the new Transformers from the film appeared in the toy line. The DOTM toy line lacked a lot, and I think it's ridiculous that Brian Golder expected it to do well when the toys were nothing great or like the ROTF toys. The Deluxe Sideswipe had a dull repaint...ugh I could just go on and on. Lol!

  2. The figures were not even accurate to the film...


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