Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hugo Weaving Undecided on TF4

IFC recently got the chance to talk to the voice of Megatron, Hugo Weaving about a possible return for Transformers 4 during an interview about his new Australian indie, "Last Ride". What he had to say about it was very surprising. He doesn't seem interested in the franchise at all and considers it as just another job. Here's what he had to say:

“I only meet Michael when we’re doing the voice work, so look, I just leave that one up to if and when it happens. “That’s the weirdest project for me because it’s the thing I’m most distanced from in a way. That’s the one that’s more like a job for me, in a way. It’s an odd one. Look, we’ll just see what happens.”

If Weaving happens to return for the fourth installment, it probably won't be to voice Megatron. Michael Bay seemed very determined on keeping him dead. Also, with Ehren Kruger working on the script, casting shouldn't start until the very end of the year so there is still a lot of time for this stuff to play out.


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