Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Injured TF3 Extra to Receive $18 Million

Gabriela Cedillo, the extra who was severely injured during filming of the highway chase for TF3, will receive an $18 million settlement from Paramount and Dreamworks Pictures. Cedillo was injured on September 1st, 2010 in Hammond, Indiana when a cable snapped and busted through her car's windshield and hit her head. Cedillo's family filed a lawsuit against Paramount Pictures on October 5th of that year. So far, the medical bills for Cedillo have surpassed $350,000 and she has been forced to go on public aid.
The $18 million dollar settlement was announced today by Cedillo's attorneys in Chicago. Her lawyer, Todd Smith said "She is on her feet and talking and for that we are thankful. On the other side, she has significant cognizant impairment and with a period of hallucinations…She is going to have issues for the rest of her life... A large part of her brain was lost. She has difficulty with memory. She can't remember when she went to the bathroom five minutes earlier."

Studio representatives could not be reached for comment.
Source: E Online

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