Monday, April 2, 2012

Bay Files Restraining Order Against Gibson?

Apparently, a gossip site owned by Jacky Jasper has started a rumor that Michael Bay has filed a restraining order against Transformers star Tyrese Gibson. Nelson, the admin of Bay's S4TE forum, contacted Bay on set of Pain and Gain and confirmed that this rumor is indeed false. Tyrese Gibson is trying to do damage control and it looks like Jasper is just trying to stir something up. So, there is NOT a restraining order against Tyrese Gibson.

From :

Tyrese is a great friend to Michael Bay, and to this web site. Tyrese is one of Michael's best friends. They've gone to Floyd Mayweather fights and last Christmas Tyrese spent Christmas with Bay as a true friend. So it's ridiculous when stories like these posted on Jacky Jasper's web site start making the rounds, and get picked up by entertainment news outlets as legitimate stories.

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