Saturday, December 31, 2011

What Can We Expect in 2012?

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! Some people are already in the year 2012, including New Zealand, parts of Australia and Japan. Where I am, it's only morning, so I still have a whole day of 2011 left. What Transformers news do you think will surface in 2012? Will we get an announcement of TF4 and maybe TF5? Will Bay announce that he will be returning to direct? Will we hear that the live action movies will be rebooted? These questions and many more regarding the franchise could be answered in the coming months and throughout the year. Let's hope it's all good news! Something else that will be happening in next year in only three and a half months is the one year anniversary of Transformers News! I can't believe that on April 15th, this blog will be up for a whole year and by that time, this blog should have about 100,000 views and will be closing in on 1,000 Facebook likes. Hopefully 2012 will be another exciting year for live action Transformers news!

Happy New Year! -MV

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