Saturday, November 26, 2011

Transformers The Ride Queue

We now have a chance to see the whole queue area leading up to Transformers The Ride! We get to hear Ironhide, Wheelie, Ratchet, Optimus and Evac tell us a background of Transformers along with our mission in defeating the Decepticons and protecting the last piece of the AllSpark. You even get to hear from General Morshower. One big mistake that you can notice right away by looking at the video before clicking the play button is that a scan of Sideswipe is shown when Wheelie says that Decepticon Sideways is coming. A small detail it is, but that would drive me insane if I saw that in person. After the ride, there is a cafe and an awesome looking gift shop with tons of Transformers merchandise. If I was rich, I'd buy everything there! Transformers The Ride is set to come to Hollywood soon and maybe Florida in the next few years. Expect someone to take a video of the actual ride and post it on YouTube soon. It officially opens on December 3rd.

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