Monday, November 21, 2011

Source Claims TF4 & TF5 Rumors Are True

TheLastPrime, a member of TFW2005, has claimed that he has received a confirmation that TF4 and TF5 will shoot back to back starting in late 2012. He supposedly is involved in the Transformers movie franchise. Yes, I know that this could be completely false, but this guy has oddly predicted many things before they happened in regards to Dark of the Moon. Let's take a look at some of his predictions:

- "Skids is driving in the City of Chicago looking for a parking spot and he's racing around a parking structure trying to find one, as he spots one a "smart car" pulls in and takes his parking spot. Skids frustrated Transforms into robot mode, picks up the smart car and smashes it!.........I will post pictures when I get a chance from the set or if I feel I can.........updates will come as I get more info" (This scene turned out to be the first thing filmed in 2010, but the Twins were later cut)

- "It wasn’t  just a trailer that was on the set, it's being used for the Movie from what I’ve been told, I’ve yet to see it.......I’m sure I’ll know right away when I do if it's Prime's or Magnus" (This was before we knew Prime had his trailer. Ultra Magnus was also supposed to be in the movie before it was changed to Sentinel)

See 2 more predictions by clicking "read more".

- "Now for a little bit of a spoiler from some of the scenes, one scene will be shot in Sam's new office building where he works and it will be picked up and rocked around by a Transformer (un-named to what I know) that's on a huge moving platform, really cool looking thing, it's yet to be finished as of yet but I figured I’d tell you guys about it"

- "Another being a full size Bus being flipped over and tossed for another scene that is going to be shot very soon, I don’t know what Transformer is going to be "tossing" that bus but it's going to be another Bay moment for sure lol"

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  1. awesome i really wish its true. iam truly waiting for them


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