Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Deluxe Soundwave Images

Images have been released for the upcoming Deluxe Soundwave. Soundwave and Wheeljack will both be coming in wave 6. Looking at the pictures, it appears as if it is mis-transformed a bit. I'm not impressed with this figure at all. The dull gray paint and the feet don't look good and I'm not a big fan of how he looks in robot mode. If I pick this one up, I'll have to buy some silver paint as well. While we're on the discussion of toys, there is still no word on a Dino/Mirage toy. If one does eventually come out, I'm guessing it'll just be a generic red sports car named Mirage instead of a Ferrari named Dino.

For the full gallery of images, click here.


  1. the human alliance soundwave looks better

  2. yea. a lot better. i just don't like the feet on the HA, but overall it beats out deluxe by a mile


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